How does it work? 

Contact us today and one of our Wine Brand Ambassadors will contact you and guide you through the tasting event planning process. 

For Example the theme, venue, who will be the host, what wine's will be tasted, and so on. 

The Wine Brand Ambassador will bring everything you need for the tasting excluding food. Our tastings are normally done with groups of not bigger than 10 people, but we do host special company tasting opportunity events, with bigger groups.

It's all about having fun while learning more about wine. You can also buy wines online at all our events and we will deliver to your door.

The Vine'tal wine tasting event is a great way to taste new wines and learn more about wine in a social and relaxed environment. 

It is great for team building, parties, combination of meetings, or simply a way to impress your friends.

You can also become a Wine influencer by joining us as a Wine Brand Ambassador. We will train you and before you know it you will sound like a wine snob!!!!, planning and hosting your own wine tasting events, influencing your guests to buy wines from your online site and earn money.

You too can make money while having fun, tasting wine and learning more about wine. 

Contact us now! fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

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